Top Four Reasons to Visit New Orleans in 2017

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Travelers who have been to New Orleans have described the city as one of the best places they’ve ever been. Most of them always come back every years no matter the number of cities and countries they travel to. From the music and art to the food and people in the city, New Orleans has its own brand. The best way to experience the culture in this amazing city is by travelling here. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or you’re just an intrepid explorer and a beach bum, there’s something for everyone here. Read on to find out why you need to travel to New Orleans this year.  

The Food and Drinks

According to most historians, New Orleans is the birthplace of cocktail which means you’ll have a easy time finding proper liberations in this city. One of the things tourists love about New Orleans is the city’s dining experience. Whether you love modern Israeli food or you’re the kind that loves smothered catfish and simple dishes like roasted grouper, there are lots of options for everyone. The cuisine in this city melds diverse cultures such as Israeli food, Cajun, French-influenced specialties and Creole. Let’s just say, the food in New Orleans can’t be found in any other American city.

Get to Experience Mardi Gras

Families across the country travel to New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras. Other travelers also come to have fun and experience the “crazy partying” happening at this time. Despite the fact that New Orleans has huge crowds at this time, you’ll have a memorable trip here. With you family and friends, you can spend time together watching those colorful and well decorated floats passing across the crowded streets. Mardi Gras usually takes place from February 3 to around March 9 every year.

Explore the French Quarter

The architecture in the French Quarter and other areas of New Orleans is just plain breathtaking. If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore some of the oldest buildings in the country, you need to start at the French Quarter. The area features historical buildings that will transport you back in time. That means you have nothing to worry if you travel to New Orleans when it’s not time for Mardi Gras. The French Quarters also features many souvenir shops, excellent restaurants, free entertainment and quirky boutiques. Some of the oldest buildings here include the Cabildo House, the French Opera House, St. Louis Cathedral, Hermann-Grima House and the Jackson Square.

Travel by Street car

Despite not being the fasted means of transport in the city, the street car allows passengers enjoy a relaxing, scenic trip across the different parts of the city. You might consider starting with the world’s oldest street car in continuous operation. This the St. Charles line. Riding on this line will allow you and your family to see some of the best universities in the United States as well as stately mansions.

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