Pros and Cons of Getting Medical Treatment in Israel

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It’s not a secret that the medical system of the US is far from being cost-effective, balanced and in some cases even professional. Many patients claim that our doctors favor invasive medicine, while doctors in other countries have different perspectives.

Israeli doctors are famous all over the world for their first-class medicine and interesting approaches to many issues. explores this in detail.

The pros of being treated in Israel include:

  • Highly experienced and famous doctors.
  • Low prices (if compared to European and US clinic).
  • A wide range of services provided.
  • The newest technology available.
  • World-famous clinics with positive reviews.
  • It’s really easy to find English-speaking personnel, plus minor differences in mentality.


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However, there are also some downsides, which might be really important for some people.

  • The situation in the country sometimes becomes really tense and there is an ongoing conflict.
  • Due to that conflict, you might be stuck in Israel for longer than you originally plan.
  • Some countries (mostly Asian) provide even lower prices.
  • Clinics are packed and you have to arrange things in advance.
  • Many facilities are low on staff people, which might lead to inconveniences.

If you’re living in the US or in Europe you don’t need a visa to go to Israel for treatment. A valid passport will be enough, which is an obvious benefit when you need medical help as soon as possible.